…uno di noi, Obama uno di noi, uno di noooooooi, Obama uno di nooooi….

” ..Yes me and Barack Obama went to school together at Besuki elementary back in 1970 – 1971 in Jakarta..he was a good hearted kid,i always play with him everyday during that time..we jointed the boy scout at the same junior A group..our uniform at that time was kakhi shirt and dark brown pants and on our neck we wore red and white small flag(indonesian flag colour)..we learned at that time how to use rope for building camp tent,climbing and others standard use…we also learned how to marching ect…we did camp at that time but its in our class school(in the evening) thats what we learned at the time before we really camp on the mountain side..but Barry Obama never get the chance to camp outside the city to the mountain..unfortunately,he went back to Hawaii in 1972… “

Aaaaaa bè, mo capisco tante cose. 😀 😀 ( ce lo racconta un suo amico d’infanzia, qua )

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2 Responses to “…uno di noi, Obama uno di noi, uno di noooooooi, Obama uno di nooooi….”

  1. 1 Chiaretta 7 novembre 2008 alle 2:58 pm

    Questo fatto non fa altro che ACCRESCERE la mia stima per lui.

    “martin we made it”

  2. 2 Gabriele 7 novembre 2008 alle 9:49 pm

    Si. Ora si spiega tutto!


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